Nutri-Plot is an innovative food plot fertilizer which increases plant growth, adds additional nutrients, and attracts deer and other wildlife. The owners of Nutri-Plot are dedicated to helping sportsman increase deer traffic in food plots. Nutri-Plot is a time efficient and cost effective all in one solution for food plots.

  • Nutri-Plot speeds growth of plants, provides additional nutrients to sustain healthier deer, and then attracts deer into locations.
  • Nutri-Plot Food Plot Fertilizer and Wildlife Attractant was developed in 2009 on a new soil/foliar blend for supplement for plots for whitetail deer.
  • Nutri-Plot Food Plot Fertilizer and Wildlife Attractant, is chemically designed to improve the overall production of deer food plots.
  • Our concentrated blend contains several compounds not found in normal granular fertilizer that increases growth, nutrition and the attractiveness of deer food plots.
  • Nutri-Plot Food Plot Fertilizer and Wildlife Attractant enters the plant through leaves rather than roots.
  • This entry point of absorption into the plants’ system allows for faster uptake of nutrients and beneficial compounds enabling a quicker response time to deliver results. This element is the biggest difference between granular fertilizers and foliar fertilizers. Granular fertilizers are manufactured in a non-useable form for plants, that must be broken down by soil microbes, moisture, and environmental factors before being valuable to the plant. Foliar fertilizer blends, like Nutri-Plot, enter the plant’s system on contact and begin working immediately.